Inspired by Japanese historic Kimono tradition and making the Kimono an easily wearable accessory for modern styling. These vintage and antique Kimonos are carefully hand-selected and modified to preserve their authentic identity.    

The problem with wearing a traditional Kimono casually as outerwear is its overly long length. Without an obi belt, the garment will fall to the ground and the collar may not sit as traditionally intended. To overcome this, our concept was to maintain the essence of the original pieces, but shorten their length and adjusting the collar so the garments will hang as beautiful longer open outerwear and thus FARUTA was born out of this vision. 

If you inspect the edges of a Kimono, you might be surprised to find no visible stitching, everything is hidden using a special inner stitching technique that can only be done by hand and by specialists. In addition, the hem of a Kimono shows an accent of the inner fabric as part of the traditional design. At FARUTA, our adjustments preserve the integrity of both the inner stitching and the outer hem of the original and we only use experienced artisans that have learned these techniques through generational teachings. With the fabric left over after the modifications, we create a handsome bag that your garment will live in for safekeeping and transportation on its many exciting journeys with you.